Our Mission

The mission of Inspire Art Dallas is to use advocacy, fundraising and public events to encourage the flourishing of public art and the Public Art Program of the City of Dallas (collectively, “Dallas Public Art”) and the enriching of the Dallas Public Art experiences of citizens and visitors in the City of Dallas.

Our Vision

The vision of Inspire Art Dallas is to promote Dallas Public Art into a nationally recognized program that (a) rewards, incubates and benefits emerging and established artists locally, nationally and internationally; (b) conserves and maintains Dallas Public Art; and (c) creates vibrant and inviting spaces that make Dallas Public Art approachable to all who visit, encouraging conversation, exploration and enjoyment.

Inspire Art Dallas is a newly formed public/private entity that will support the conservation and maintenance of our cherished public art in Dallas. Inspire Art Dallas, formerly known and applauded as Dallas’ Adopt-A-Monument, will work closely with the Office of Cultural Affairs/ Public Art of the City of Dallas. It will support efforts to maintain Dallas’ public art collection, which boasts artwork throughout the City in every council district. The artwork is accessible to the public, enhances the environment, serves as place markers and gathering sites, and celebrates the artists of Texas and beyond. Inspire Art Dallas also will support emerging and established artists, and create vibrant and inviting spaces to expand the public appreciation of public art.

Dallas takes pride in instituting one of the earliest “Percent for Public Art” programs, which through capital bond programming provides 1.5% and .75% for certain projects. But capital bond programs do not provide for the maintenance of public art, and operational funds for public art maintenance and conservation have fluctuated significantly through the years. Inspire Art Dallas is being created as an advocacy group to ensure that we are excellent custodians for and proponents of Dallas’ public art for generations to come.

The exciting launch of Inspire Art Dallas was announced on April 5th, 2018 at a reception at the Magnolia Dallas Downtown Hotel during Dallas’ Art Month at which Inspire Art Dallas also announced its inaugural undertaking—the restoration of the badly deteriorated original 1934 oil derrick that supports Dallas’ beloved Pegasus.

Inspire Art Dallas is the successor to Dallas’ Adopt-A-Monument program, which was a highly successful public/private partnership formed in 1988 to preserve deteriorating monuments and sculptures owned by the City of Dallas. Adopt-A-Monument raised over $250,000 and used its funds to restore 16 of Dallas’ monuments and sculptures for the benefit of future generations. Inspire Art Dallas will continue Adopt-A-Monument’s legacy of helping to preserve Dallas’ public art, but will also expand its impact to support artists and to create imaginative ways to make Dallas public art approachable and a vibrant part of our community.

Co-Founders, Advisory Board and Honorary Board


Rick Kneipper
Gail Sachson

Advisory Board

Christy Coltrin
Claire Dewar
Jane Fergason
Eliseo Garcia
Michael Heinlen
Maxx Henry-Frazer
Amy Hofland
Jill Magnuson
Jed Morse
Brad Oldham
Terri Provencal
Richard Shaffer
Gail Thomas
George Tobolowsky
Jill VanGorden
Cheryl Vogel
Katherine Wagner

Honorary Board

Richard Brettell
Harlan Crow
Craig Hall
Pat Porter
Margaret Robinette