Membership in Inspire Art Dallas is open to all individuals, families, businesses and other entities who are interested in supporting Inspire Art Dallas’ mission, which is to use advocacy, fundraising and public events to encourage the flourishing of public art and the Public Art Program of the City of Dallas and the enriching of the Dallas public art experiences of citizens and visitors in the City of Dallas. Members will receive periodic announcements about public art events and activities of Inspire Art Dallas and Dallas’ Public Art Program, as well as invitations to special Inspire Art Dallas events. Members also will be provided with opportunities to participate as volunteers in activities of Inspire Art Dallas and Dallas’ Public Art Program, and members will be welcome to submit suggestions for special public art projects.

Membership in Inspire Art Dallas is available at the following levels of support (all annual unless otherwise stated):

  • Individual membership: $25
  • Family membership: $50
  • Contributing membership: $100
  • Sponsor membership: $250
  • Corporate membership: $500
  • Patron membership: $1,000
  • “Pegasus” membership: $2,500
  • Lifetime membership: $10,000

If you are interested in becoming an Inspire Art Dallas member, please (1) click on the “Join Now” link below, (2) under “Donation or Payment” insert your desired membership amount in the box under “Amount”, (3) under “Donation or Payment Information” complete the information requested in the boxes and (4) click on “Submit” to submit your membership application and payment.

Thanks very much for helping us Inspire Art Dallas!

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